Weekends…curse and blessing

Yay weekend. Or maybe not…

If you are like me, weekends can be nightmares of dead time where our brains take over. Badly.  Those ANTs like to play hard on the weekend because they aren’t distracted by work and other things.

I now understand why OCD is associated with cleaning. I have cleaned a lot today but not because it has to be clean, it’s to give me something to do.  I need to stay focused on not being focused…on my ANTS.

I’m trying to fill some time by writing this. It’s helping a little (thanks). Later, my girlfriend and I are taking the kids skating, so that should be fun.

Exercise definitely helps. Just need to keep the depression from preventing me from doing it.

I apologize for any typos…on my phone today.  Yay,technology.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, calm weekend.


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