Setting Goals

I am hoping that my good mood recently is not a swing to the manic but me being stable and in a good place. I have joined a gym and have been back on the Abilify for over a week now. Those 2 things – I am hoping – are keeping me relatively anxiety-free and making it easier to focus at work.

The gym is not something I enjoy. If I enjoyed it, I would have been a member of a gym a long time ago. I am not someone who can exercise just to exercise. So I need to set some goals. As I said in my very first post, I am hoping for some accountability here, so, without further ado, here are my goals:

  • Lose weight – At my highest about 2 weeks ago, I was 202 lbs (I am only about 5′-7″). This morning I was 192. My goal is at or below 170 by September and the 5k (see below).
  • Improve my 5k times – My dad has Stage 4 prostate cancer. He was diagnosed in 2012 and every year my family donates to and participates in the Zero Prostate 5k that is usually run in Towson, MD. Since doing my first one in 2013, I have also participated in a handful of other local 5k races. My personal best is 32:43 (about a 10 minute mile). My goal is to run a sub-25 minute 5k. I have 6 months so this is definitely an obtainable goal.
  • Get in baseball shape – I have contacted a local organization about playing baseball again. Problem is, I am 38. There are guys in their early-20’s on the team. But it should be fun…if I can get in playing shape
  • Improve my mental health – My therapist has harped on me for months that I need to exercise, exercise, exercise. So, now I am. It has only been a few days but I feel like I have more energy despite being tired from getting up at 4:00 AM.
  • Start new routines – Pretty simple. In order to change, you need to change.

I am hoping by setting goals, I will stick to this. I am also hoping the “spenders guilt” of the gym membership will force me to go and not waste my money. So far, so good….


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